AWS General Notes

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Disk performance is measured in IOPS (Input/Output Per Second).

Storage exists outside of compute resources.

Storage Options

  • Content Delivery
  • Storage Gateway
  • Elastic Block Service (EBS) – used for AWS EC2 instances
    • General Purpose SS
      3 IOPS; burstable to 3,000 IOPS
    • Provisioned IOPS (for higher performance, like a database)
      4,000 IOPS
    • Magnetic
      40 to 200 IOPS
  • Cloudfront
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
    • Not used as direct block storage by Amazon.
    • Used to store data and make it publicly accessible (for static content or websites).
    • Uses buckets to store objects which are accessible through a url.
    • Provides versioning and redundancy and granular security control.

Snapshots can be made of an EBS volume (They can later be cloned.)

EBS volumes

  • Uses Amazon KMS (Key Management Service).
  • Can be encrypted.
  • Doesn’t protect against online data attacks.

S3 Resources

  • Buckets and objects are primary resources.
  • Each has subresources which are configuration and the like.

S3 Access Control

  • Controls who, which and what.
  • Grants through Access Control Lists (ACLS) policies.

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