A/B Split Tests to Optimize Your Site

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  1. The wording of your calls-to-action
  2. The color of your calls-to-action
  3. The size of your calls-to-action
  4. The number of calls-to-action
  5. The tone of your landing page copy
  6. The length of your landing page copy
  7. The size of your landing page copy
  8. Your headline copy
  9. The images on your landing pages
  10. Test professional images against casual images
  11. The fonts you use
  12. Test benefits-focused sales copy against copy focused on loss aversion
  13. Add “USPs” (unique selling points) to your product listings in category pages
  14. Add trust signals or increase their prominence
  15. Rephrase your email sign-up copy
  16. Increase urgency to create a fear of loss
  17. Pitch a rotating carousel against a static image (on your homepage)
  18. Test free delivery against charged delivery
  19. Trial a special offer and/or a discount
  20. Implement offers to return customers who didn’t convert the first time around
  21. Try increasing your prices
  22. Try removing distractions from your sales funnel
  23. And try removing the “discount code” box from your checkout page
  24. Test adding “featured products” to your homepage
  25. Test the performance of a free trial versus a money back guarantee (or neither)
  26. Test the size of the discount you offer annual subscribers
  27. Try adding more pricing options
  28. Pitch round prices (i.e. $2) against odd prices (i.e. $1.99)
  29. Trial reducing customer choice
  30. Trial social media icons that include social proof
  31. Test the size and position of your social media icons
  32. Test a single-page checkout versus a multi-stage checkout
  33. Remove (or minimize) navigation bars within the checkout process
  34. Add an “impulse buy” to your checkout page
  35. Reduce the number of boxes on your contact forms
  36. Trial removing the obligation to register before purchasing
  37. Try different 404 pages
  38. Experiment with your use of customer testimonials
  39. Test pop-up chat boxes versus chat boxes that customers have to click to activate
  40. Test auto-play videos versus videos that visitors have to click to play
  41. Try different video voiceovers
  42. Pit informational videos against sales videos
  43. Trial a horizontal navigation bar versus a vertical navigation bar
  44. Use icons in place of text in your navigation
  45. Remove your navigation menu
  46. Try increasing the size of your product photos
  47. Go one step further and let your product photo dominate the space above the fold
  48. Label good value products as “best buys”
  49. Cut superfluous features in favor of speeding up your site
  50. Try geotargeting

50 A/B Split Tests to Optimize Your Site to Prefection

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